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Four Ways You Can Be Enterprising With Your Online Safety

Each year witnesses an exponential increase in breaches of online security. An example of this is the IRS Data Breach in 2017, exposing approximately 100,000 taxpayers’ information. In such a world, it is vital to be proactive with online security and safety. Banks such as Columbia Bank Washington Township often provide resources for the same too. 

Read on for four ways to boost your mobile security and safeguard financial and personal details.

Review your credit report regularly

You must check your credit report frequently to scout for suspicious activities. If you remain up to date with the changes in your report, you will be able to discover signs of identity theft or fraud. You can check your report for free on

Think about using credit freeze on your files

If you feel that your data has been imperiled, you can think about the option to place a credit freeze. If you place a credit freeze, thieves will find it incredibly difficult to open and establish accounts under your identity. Note that a credit freeze does not stop thieves from altering pre-existing accounts.

Consider opting for a fraud alert

If you do not want to opt for a credit freeze, you can also place a fraud alert on your files. It warns creditors of identity theft and requests them to personally verify details before fulfilling demands.

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Try filing your taxes as soon as possible

When you try filing your taxes early, it hinders scammers from engaging in tax identity theft. It occurs when a fraudster uses your social security number to demand tax refunds or secure jobs. You should reply to IRS letters immediately. It will prevent any discrepancies from taking place.

Banks often provide safety measures and assistance for mobile security. You can get in touch with your bank and seek help. Often, banks also offer account alerts and notification systems for suspicious activity.