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Why Do You Need An Electrical Inspection?

For any homeowner one of the strangest tasks that they will be expected to do is to get an electrical inspection.  This inspection is designed to ensure that there is no issue with the wiring, outlets or other areas in your home.  For most of us, we really don’t even think of our electricity, it just turns on.

This is why residential electrical inspections huntsville is so important.  When this is completed, we can rest assured that we won’t have any issues with our power.  To get an inspection you will need to call a licensed inspector.  They will then schedule an appointment to come out and do their inspection.  When completed, you will have certification paperwork that can show that your house is safe.

Connections to your breaker box

The first thing that an inspector will do is look at your breaker box.  They will see if there are any worn or dying breakers, if a breaker is damaged or any other issues.  From there the inspection will typically turn off your main breaker and continue his inspection.

GFI Outlets

residential electrical inspections huntsville

Another area that your inspection will look at is if there is any issues or if GFI outlets are missing or causing issues.  GFI outlets are special outlets that are installed in areas where water is present.  This will be the bathroom, kitchen and maybe a few other areas.  If a GFI outlet trips, then you know that either something was drawing too much power or water was in the area.


Another area that he will look at is animal infestations or damage.  In some home’s animals might get in and start pulling on wires or even start gnawing on them.  If they do, then it can cause a fire or other damage. 

When it comes to ensuring that your house is secure and safe from electrical issues having an inspection is your best course of action.