Commercial Floor Waxing Features

No less than five floor waxing features could be briefly outlined in this short online feature. Given commercial floor waxing asheville procedures include floor stripping, the application of sealers, the application of wax, the application of the finishing touch if you will, and the buffing work. Floor stripping is necessary to remove all previous coatings of wax and finish. This is done until nothing but the bare floor tiles remain.

The sealer will be applied as a means to an end towards insulating the floor tiles. It is a best practice to apply at least two coats of premium sealer. This ensures that there will be no wax leaks, even if the tiles are aged or porous. After that, the wax goes on. It is recommended that up to five coats of wax be applied. This will ensure that best results are achieved. It will ensure that the treated flooring will enjoy longer lifespans.

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Next up is the finishing work. The finish layers are applied on top of the waxed floor. The finish is necessary to help protect the applied wax. It reduces the prospect of scratches as well as the accumulation of dirt over prolonged periods of time. Finally, the floor is ready to be buffed. Floor buffing removes all dust particles from the floor. It also helps to bring out the best shine on the floor. And just as long as the buffing work is regular, the life of the applied wax and finish will be expanded.

It is recommended that commercial flooring be buffed at least once a month. It can also be done on a weekly basis. This ensures that a perfect floor surface is maintained. It’s not just about keeping it looking good, it’s also about keeping it safe for foot traffic.