Tips For Keeping Your Pipes Clog Free

There is nothing worse than a clog.  When we flush items down our toilets or pour items down our drain, they can get caught up around the trap area causing a clog.  In these cases, we can simply turn off the water, remove the trap and break out the clog. 

For those that have larger issues or if the clog in a toilet or deeper within the pipes, hydro jetting services katy tx may be your best solution.  When looking at these companies, they will take a powerful stream of water and use it to break up and out the clog that snakes and other chemicals won’t.

Scrape as much as you can into the trash

One of the biggest reasons for a clog is that we try to shove as much as we can down our sink and hoping that it will go away.  However, this is one of the main reasons why we get clogs.  A good way to avoid this is to scrape as much as you can into the trash.  When you do this, you are working with a practically clean dish or another surface. 

From there use a paper towel or other disposable item to wipe down the item and toss away the disposable item.  Finally, now that your item is clean, you can rinse it off and use soap to complete the task.

Work in small batches

Another thing that you will want to consider is working in small batches.  Another reason we get clogs is because we try to shove as much stuff down the drain at one time as possible.  You want to work in small batches.  You want to use warm water and give items you scrape in time to go down the pipe.

Hire a professional

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If you do end up getting a clog, don’t try to fix it yourself.  You want to hire a professional to do the work for you.  This will result in a faster job and less likely damage.